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Organic Champagne Cocktail: Blood Orange Sparkle

The “Blood Orange Sparkle” Organic Champagne Cocktail

Organic blood oranges are full of sweet flavor and when paired with the special touch of Thatcher’s Blood Orange Organic Artisan Liqueur on top of the delightful sugar cube, an otherwise ordinary glass of champagne turns into a very special occasion.

The Organic “Blood Orange Sparkle” Champagne cocktail

- 1 Organic Blood Orange

- 1 Organic Sugar Cube

- 1/2 ounce Thatcher’s Blood Orange Artisan Liqueur

- Approx. 6 ounces of Organic Champagne or Sparkling Wine (Domaine Carneros is a delicious organic sparkling wine produced in Napa, California)

Tools Needed: Juicer

To Make the Organic “Blood Orange Sparkle” : Place 1 organic sugar cube into a champagne glass. Gently pour 1/2 ounce of Thatcher’s Blood Orange organic artisan liqueur over the sugar cube. Juice an organic blood orange and add to the glass. Fill the glass with organic champagne or sparkling wine.

Garnish with an organic blood orange wheel.


Health Benefits: known as the anti-aging orange, blood oranges are a powerful antioxidant and are known to decrease the risk of certain cancers.

Organic Choice: Citrus fruits, including blood oranges have an incredible amount of pesticides sprayed on them annually. While a large amount remains on the rind of the fruit, it is essential for your health to purchase organic.

Thatcher’s Organic Liqueur: Available in enticing flavors such as Yumberry, Tres Chiles, Elderflower and much more, this USDA certified organic company creates liqueur’s by hand in small batches and with great care – it shows!

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*The Blood Orange Sparkle is an Organic Fit Bar Original Recipe

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