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Organic Cocktail Recipe: “Earth, Sun & Fire”

“Earth, Sun & Fire” an Organic Cocktail with a Sweet and Spicy Twist

Earth, Sun and Fire

The preparation of organic jalapeno infused tequila is absolutely worth it for this tasty cocktail! This drink has a wonderful spiciness mixed with a bit of sweet and sour from the organic tangerine and lime that makes it an unforgettable must have!

The Organic “Earth, Sun & Fire” cocktail recipe

- 2 ounces jalapeno infused organic tequila (see recipe below)

- 1/2 organic tangerine

- 1/2 organic lime

- 1/2 ounce organic agave nectar

Tools Needed: jar, muddler, cocktail shaker, small cooking strainer.

To prepare the organic jalapeno infused tequila: (Infusion time: 24 hours)

- Pour half of a bottle of organic tequila into a jar that can be completely sealed. Slice 2 organic Jalapeno Peppers lengthwise in half and place in the tequila. Seal the jar and place in a dark area (pantry or cupboard). Let sit for 24 hours then use a small strainer to remove the jalapenos and their seeds. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Tip: I like to use 1/2 of a bottle of organic tequila. That way, if the tequila is too spicy for you or a guest, you can dilute it with the remaining tequila.

To make the organic “Earth, Sun & Fire” : Peel apart 1 organic tangerine and place half (including peel) into a cocktail shaker. Slice an organic lime and add half to the cocktail shaker with a squeeze. Add 1/2 ounce of organic agave nectar. Muddle the ingredients very well, until the juice of the tangerine and lime have been released. Add 2 ounces of jalapeno infused organic tequila and about 3/4 cup of ice. Shake well and pour into a rocks glass.


Extra special touch: Glass straws are a beautiful and fun addition to cocktails (not to mention they are eco-friendly and toxin-free)! Strawsome, a family-owned green company, hand-makes delightful glass straws that are non-toxic and dishwasher safe. The straws come in a variety of lengths and are customizable to match favorite colors and designs. Strawsome even has a lifetime guarantee against breakage; if you break it, they will replace it! Strawsome glass straws make wonderful gifts, and truthfully, not a cocktail should be served without them!

To read more about Strawsome and to place an order, check out their website: http://www.strawesome.com/

Health Benefits: Like oranges, tangerines are full of Vitamin C, dietary fiber and B vitamins. They are super low in calories and help to boost the immune system. Organic limes are natural fat-burners and also a good source of nutrients and vitamins. Jalapeno peppers are a natural aphrodisiac and even help to boost metabolism. Does it get much better?

Organic Choice: The peels of citrus fruits are what contain and absorb the majority of chemical sprays used to grow them. In this cocktail especially, since the peels are kept on the tangerine and lime, buying organic is essential to protect your health.

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*”Earth, Sun & Fire” is an Organic Fit Bar Original Recipe

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