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Bing Cherry Season Strikes with a kicka** Organic Bing Cherry Margarita

Organic Bing Cherry Margarita Madness

Who would have thought that Bing Cherry Season would get me this excited, but this weekends trip to the Farmer’s Market in Goleta, CA actually took me by surprise. Personally, I have always liked these sweet cherries, but my family has not always backed my opinion. In fact, when my husband saw them at the market this past Saturday, he literally said, “I hate cherries”. My 4 year old had never tried them before and my 18 month old has allergies to almost every fruit under the sun, so I figured I would be flying solo on the “Bing Cherry Facebook Fan Page”. (No, I don’t think this page actually exists).

My expectation of cruising right past the cherry stand was halted, when my usually not-so-adventurous-eating oldest daughter walked right up to the bing cherry stand and took a sample, announcing “mmmmm….I LOVE cherries”. Not to be left out, my husband snuck behind my back and ate one, surprisingly saying “hmmm….I guess I don’t hate them after all”. With two wins in a row, I was feeling pretty brave and offered my little girl a small sample, which of course she loved, and miraculously, she did not even have an allergic reaction! In this family, this is a cause for a huge celebration! So, a large bag of organic bing cherries later and a beautiful Santa Barbara sunset, it was time for a mixology session. The result? An amazing 100% organic Bing Cherry Margarita! Cheers!


Organic Bing Cherry Margarita


The Organic Bing Cherry Margarita Cocktail Recipe

- 2 ounces Organic Tequila

- 5 organic sweet Bing Cherries

- 1/2 organic lime

- 1/2 ounce organic agave nectar

- 1 cup crushed ice

Tools Needed: muddler, cocktail shaker

To make the Organic Bing Cherry Margarita: Remove the pit of 5 organic bing cherries and split them in half. Place the cherries into a cocktail shaker and muddle very well to release the cherry juice. Squeeze the juice of half of an organic lime over the cherries and add 1 cup of crushed ice. Muddle the ingredients together a bit more. Pour 1/2 ounce of organic agave nectar and 2 ounces of organic tequila over the ice. Cover and shake well. Pour the contents into a margarita glass.

Garnish with a beautiful bing cherry by slicing it on the bottom just a bit and placing on the lip of the glass.


Health Benefits: Organic Bing cherries are wonderful antioxidants, contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and healthy fiber. In addition, studies performed on bing cherry extracts have shown that they are anti-inflammatory and may greatly benefit those with arthritis.

Organic Choice: Cherries are among the most pesticide sprayed fruits. Farmers of non-organic cherries may say that it is impossible not to use chemicals, but this is not the truth, in fact, there are many ways to grow organic cherries that lead to healthy and chemical-free produce.

Buying Guide: Bing cherry season is short and typically last from mid-may through June. Select cherries that are tight and shiny. Avoid cherries that have blemishes or are rotted. It is a good sign when bing cherries come in pairs, so grab these if you can.

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*”Organic Bing Cherry Margarita” is an Organic Fit Bar Original Recipe


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